Helping Farmers Win
The key stakeholders of iFarmer - nearly 14 million smallholder farmers across the country are at the bottom of the pyramid and are often marginalized, with an array of evolving pain points and struggles.
Since the core business modality of iFarmer revolves around improvement of the lives of these farmers, it is essential for the organization to bring a positive social change in their livelihoods and income. Thus the existence of the Impact team of iFarmer, which consistently works on effectively measuring and evaluating the impact of the services provided.
What Does The Impact Team Do?

The impact team works to capture the effectiveness of iFarmer services, evaluate the impact created and identify any gaps based on the first-hand insights of the farmers. Through achieving this goal, iFarmer can align the services offered, to cater to the needs of the key stakeholders – the farmers. Through our comprehensive impact framework, our team of changemakers work towards achieving an impact goal and enable all the teams to be driven by the impact their work can have on farmers.

iFarmer being an impact driven company, has a strong impact mandate that is measured and evaluated rigorously throughout the year. Our quarterly qualitative research and regular monitoring also help us evaluate the outcome of our services and track the changes and progress of financial condition and improvements in the livelihoods of our farmers.

Theory of Change

Our theory of change is based on the idea that by providing smallholder farmers access to low-cost finance, high-quality inputs, agronomic advisory, and a direct access to the forward market, we should be able to ensure higher profits, better quality yields, and sustainable farming practices for farmers- with the goal of improving their livelihoods, enabling them to become more resilient and help them achieve the optimum output of farming in the long run.

Impact Reports

Impact Assessment 2023

Impact Assessment 2022

Impact on Women Farmers 2021

Impact Assessment 2020

Impact Stories

Journey of a cattle farmer

Story of Md. Motiur Rahman

Journey of a cattle farmer

Story of Md. Motiur Rahman

Development Partnerships

The impact team is also responsible for establishing partnerships with NGOs, INGOs and other development organizations, for project activities that align with iFarmer’s core mission and vision. This complements the core iFarmer services along with improving the farmers’ capacity.