Humans of iFarmer : Aparna Rani

by Kashfia Mahfuz, 04 December

2 min read

Humans of iFarmer : Aparna Rani

Aparna Rani has a loving family consisting of her husband and twin daughters. She and her husband work together to cultivate vegetables in their leased land. If she plucks out the eggplants, her husband takes it to the bazaar to sell them – that is how their daily life looks like. Previously, Aparna and her husband took out a loan from another institution to lease more land. However, seeing how challenging it was to repay in installments, her husband, Sumon Kumar applied for the financial service from iFarmer. As Sumon realized how easy it was to apply and repay the money taken from iFarmer, he encouraged Aparna to apply as well. 

Together with the money from iFarmer coupled with their household savings, the duo started cultivating more vegetables in their land. With more profit in hand, Aparna now plans to buy a lychee and mango garden for a seasonal business scope. Although both her and her husband are involved in farming, Aparna is the one who handles the household money. Pride reflected in her smile as she said, “My husband hands over all the cash to me every month. I spend it accordingly and give him some whenever he needs.” Every month, Aparna is also able to keep some savings for herself which she mostly spends on buying toys for her twins.

“My husband and I both are farmers. After hearing how iFarmer’s loan worked for him, I applied for a loan myself and got the money.” -  Aparna Rani, Vegetable Farmer from Araji Maria, Natore.